(This article is a translation of the press release of the 14th of November that you can find here)

As the 19th conference of the parties has opened, the Jeunes Ecologistes join the call of the activists and delegates who started fasting on Monday to call the States to break inertia which they are responsible of on climate issues.

Naderev “Yeb” Saño, Filippino delegate fasting since Monday had already deeply upset the international community last year in Doha through a vibrant speech. The fact that no meaningful decision has been taken on climate change since is not deniable. However, typhoon Haiyan, more and more alarmists IPCC report, the announced disappearance of some archipels, reminds us every day the emergency to act.

Mobilized more than ever to make the people’s voice heard instead of lobbies’s in favour of the statu quo, the Jeunes Ecologistes call the parties to quickly agree on a consensus to reduce greenhouse gaz emission. The issue is to make the necessary fundings available to prevent the consequences of the already ongoing climate change.

Aware that the host state has a key role to play for this achievement, the Jeunes Ecologistes asked to meet the polish Ambassy. “The less that we can say is that Poland has until now not really been a leader in the struggle against global warming“, explains Lucas Nédélec, co-spokes-person of Jeunes Ecologistes. We want to remind to the Ambassador that as the host country, Poland has an important reponsibility in the success of  these negociations and can’t afford to miss the way for the future.”

Besides Poland, the responsibility of the international community is to foster another model of society which make possible human prosperity and avoid the predicable environmental collapse. In order to make the Warsaw conference useful and to make the hope come back, the Jeunes Ecologistes wish that ambitious and binding pledges will be made next week.


  • Rosalie and Antoine – International Officers : international@jeunes-ecologistes.org
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