The French Young Ecologists firmly condemn the spanish government’s proposal to abolish free abortion.

The conservative government of Mariano Rajoy approved a draft bill restricting the right to abortion with some exceptions. This bill will be submitted to the Parliament and has high probabilities of being passed, seeing as their government has an absolute majority.

The Young Ecologists are outraged by this decision, which denies women the right to make free use of their own bodies. This bill is a serious attack on human rights and gender equality.

The right to abortion is a major social progress for women emancipation, conquered after a long struggle against violent conservatisms in Spain, as in France.

In solidarity with all the spanish women and activists fighting against this absurd law, the French Young Ecologists condemn this 30 years regression, as well as the recent statement from French parliamentary Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, calling to stop the reimbursement of volontary interruption of pregnancy.

More generally, the French Young Ecologists denounce all the conservative institutions which, in Europe, try to impose on one and all their outdated and intolerant ideologies.

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Rosalie and Antoine –  International Officers : 

Lucas Nédélec – Co Spokesperson : +33 7 77 07 45 69

Laura Chatel – Co Spokesperson : +33 6 29 85 75 95

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