Due to financial reasons, we had to change the following call.

We are now looking only for 20 participants, coming from EU member states only.

Reimbursement conditions have changed (See above)


ERRATUM & REMINDER Call for EU participants : Jeunes Écologistes Federal Forum


Who ? 20 international participants

What ? Federal Forum of Les Jeunes Écologistes (France)

When ? From May 2nd to May 4th

Where ? The Federal Forum would take place in Nancy and Strasbourg, two cities in Eastern France.


Three weeks before the European Elections, the French Young Greens Jeunes Écologistes are organising their Federal Forum in East Region, on the topic of Europe.

We are expecting 140 participants from France and we would like to invite international guests coming from EU countries to take part to our workshops.

The Forum will start on the 2nd of March by a visit of the European Parliament in Strasbourg which is requested

A big campaign event will also be organised with the leading candidates of the Green Party in the East Region Constituency.


No matter if you speak French or not, the program will be organised so that everyone will be able to take part.


Your travel costs will be 50 % reimbursed within the limit of 100€ per participant (exceptions can be done for expensive travel costs or precarious personal financial situation)

Housing is 100 % covered.

A small participation can be asked for food.


Apply now until the 15th af March. Answers will be given to you on the 16th of April.


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