Last week, les Jeunes Écologistes launched their campaign for european elections. Convinced that Greens will put Europe back on track, they entirely support Europe Écologie candidates and call youth to mobilize massively from the 22nd to the 25th of May.

Mass unemployment, climate change, austerity, industrial agriculture, lobbies influence… Europe has derailed. Some political forces have chosen to simply gaze at the disaster pointing at scapegoats, whereas others just claim Europe should go backwards. Instead of this, Greens want a real change of direction.

Europe cannot keep on existing without democratizing, reinforcing its Parliament and requiring more transparency from lobbies. Greens’ strength lies on their willing to give more power to people in Europe, so that it can drive the conversion to green economy, the reinforcement of social rights, the creation of green and local jobs, the struggle against climate change.During these 6 weeks of campaign with Europe Écologie, les Jeunes Écologistes will promote this project in their own way, with fun actions, online visuals and their usual happy activism: the campaign Let’s put Europe back on track will be optimistic!

As others ask to exit from the euro without taking reponsibility for the consequences or want to make the Europe an impenetrable fortress, les Jeunes Écologistes want to wake up hope in the hearts of a possibly abstentionist youth in crisis. Their message is: the 25th of May, let’s take departure for a green and social Europe.

Watch the campaign video with english subtitles

Contact :

Rosalie and Antoine –  International Officers : 

Lucas Nédélec – Co Spokesperson : +33 7 77 07 45 69

Laura Chatel – Co Spokesperson : +33 6 29 85 75 95

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