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Transnational Training Series on Youth Campaigners


Call for participants for the SouthernEuropean Summer Camp

Alternatives to austerity : how to get over the EU crisis?


What ? The Southern European Summer Camp

Where ? Marseille, France.  

When ? August 19th – August 22nd

How ? Application by email to until July 6th.

Who ? 35 Participants from the partner organisations and other FYEG organisations.

The Young Greens of France are organising their annual summer gathering “ ”  with special collaboration with Young Greens from Spain, Catalonia, Portugal, Italy, Greece and FYEG. They are organising the first ever Southern European Summer Camp. Furthermore this Southern Summer camp is part of the Transnational training series for Young Campaigners organised by Green European Foundation and FYEG.

The Summer Camp will take place in Marseille over four days, from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 August .


In the context of the 2014 European elections, Young Greens would like to work on the European capacity to deal with the crisis: alternatives to austerity, solutions for fighting against the climate change and proposals for a better social system could be launched at the European level. What can be the concrete Green measures to be promoted in the next European campaign, enabling a real change of the economic and social system ? How can we, as European young Greens, build a message to the youth and the society,  promoting Europe and giving hope in the European project?

This work, made in collaboration with speakers from different countries, will contribute to the preparation of the European Young Greens campaign for EU Elections, both on the content and the method.

On the last day, a workshop will be organised at the French Greens Summer University to confront our ideas and solutions to the EU Crisis with other (older) greens.


As Marseille is the European Capital of Culture this year, all our activities (except the final workshop) will take place in Marseille in a green and artistic temporary Camping called YesWeCamp.  More informations here.


Transports costs will be 70 % reimbursed on the basis of a second class ticket. Plane will only be reimbursed if traveling with other means of transports take more than 12 hours or more than 750km. (maximum reimbursement of 140€ for participants from non-partners organisations) 

Accommodation is fully covered.

A Free participation might be asked for food.


Applications must be sent to before July 6th with Name, Surname, e-mail, phone number, Organisation, Place of living. Travel Costs estimation, and a short motivation.


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